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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Let’s join Chef Lau’s Dinner Party!

See, we are even
color coordinated
when we do dinner parties!
Private family celebrations are usually done with dinner parties. Like my sisters and I, we usually have dinner parties sometimes once a month or every few months and especially at birthdays, on Christmas and New year's day.

We catch up on each other's lives while preparing and cooking dinner together. And our more precious bonding time is at dinner time.

My sisters and I may have different styles in preparing and cooking food but we all truly love cooking. Our dream someday is to start a catering business or better yet a restaurant of our own. One of my brothers-in-law is a certified chef but he is often out of the country so he rarely gets the chance to show off or teach us his ways in the kitchen.

I wish I'll get the chance to meet a Filipino celebrity chef and learn techniques in the kitchen.

The good news is that Chef Rolando Laudico or more commonly known to many as Chef Lau will be hosting an exclusive dinner party at Bistro Filipino. How fab is that?! It's gonna be more fabulous and I'd be grateful if I, a blogger, get to meet the Philippines' well-loved chef, the one and only Chef Lau! You know, to learn techniques from his own kitchen and get to taste his popular dishes would be an honor. I'd probably melt on the ground though, to be honest.

Get to know Chef Lau:

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Sooo, let's join Chef Lau's Dinner Party!

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