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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why Queue and Wait when You Can - #nTrust

Queueing for something you want or need is so outdated. 

Waiting for your turn to get the items or service you want is a total waste of time. 

Do you want to know the best thing ever that was created so we can go on with our lives without wasting any minute queueing or waiting for a long time?

This photo was taken at Mall of Asia outside the cinema while people were lining up for their chosen movie, blockbuster and remake, "Total Recall".

If you want to avoid long line-ups go to

nTrust keeps people out of long lines so they can spend more time doing the things they love with family and friends.

What is nTrust?

nTrust is the first GLOBAL online service that lets you send and receive money to or from your family and friends in any currencies (peso, dollar, euro) small or large amount, at anytime, anywhere on earth... instantly!

Why choose nTrust?

nTrust understands that there is a better way. Banks and traditional forms of online transactions are so outdated. They don't give you the freedom of doing what you want with your own money.

Can you imagine the freedom of not having to go through all the process that is required by most establishments?

Philosophy of nTrust

nTrust is the only platform that offers FREE transactions to others within the nTrust network. They also let you transfer any amount of money, in any currency you want and anywhere you want.

No matter how large or small the amount is, a hundred dollars or 25 cents, pesos or dollars or euros, you can send it through nTrust to your friend down the block or your family living overseas.

All transactions are at bank-level encryption that will protect your money.

Wouldn't you say that is a security you can trust?

nTrust gives you the freedom to choose. More importantly, nTrust lets people take control of their own money.

How does it work?

Become a citizen of nTrust Nation by creating your free account. You can then build a real-life social network of family and friends that is always visible which makes sending money fast and simple.

Remit Money to the Philippines or Anywhere in the World 

So if you are working overseas, away from your family, being a citizen of nTrust will be a great deal of help when you Remit Money to the Philippines. Not only that you'll get Personalized nTrust Card, multiple currency accounts at a bank-level security, you will also get Rewards and Perks as a nTrust Citizen.

How to Transfer Money to the Philippines

Please watch this short clip to know how:

You can Send Money to the Philippines as soon as you have created your free nTrust account. Deposit any amount then transfer money safely and securely to your loved ones.

Are you the next nTrust User?

Let us all change the way online transactions are done forever. Become a nTrust citizen and together we can create a social and financial online community of your own, one connection at a time.

Don't forget to share this sign up link to your family and friends
to create their free nTrust accounts too.

See you there!

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