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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Awesome #Nuffnang / #Kojie.san Night!

It's long overdue but once again thank you Nuffnang Philippines and Kojie.san for the free Taken 2 movie screening tickets at Shang Cineplex and for the free Kojie.san men skin care products. I wish there were also products for ladies but hey I'm still grateful because boys in the family are enjoying the Kojie.san | men face and body soap and the Kojie.san cologne that I received. Now they're not as smelly as before :D

It was also great to meet the image model of Kojie.san, John Spainhour. He was kind enough to answer my questions after we had our photos taken by Jay-r Pidal (I believe that's the photographer's name). 


I hope John really agreed when I told him that "It's more fun in the Philippines!" I fired just a couple of questions to John (e.g. about his hair [yes duh] and which state he is from) because it was a busy night and a lot of other people want his time and attention. I wonder though if I can get the chance to properly interview him :D

Thank you John for being so gracious to bloggers and guests. Here's behind the scenes of the making of Kojiesan Men tv commercial: 

Food was awesome that night too!
Enjoying free meal with my son EJ
and 2 other bloggers, one of them is Dangal Macatangay
Before Taken 2 screening started, there was a mini-game for the guys. 10 guys were randomly called, including former child actor (Philippines) Chuckie Dreyfuss, to participate because no one was brave enough to volunteer. Each of the guys were asked "Lalaki ka ba?" ("Are you a man?"). They all responded candidly and of course they received Kojiesan men products.

See you again Nuffnang on future events!

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