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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Don't Think Anyone Would Mistake You, Lucy Liu, as a Filipino Even if You Get Tanned!

Not only that Filipinos are better culturally, we are more beautiful than other Asians!
Oh yes, I boldly claim that!

When I visited China a decade ago, it irked me so much that people there insisted that I am one of them even if I say repeatedly,
No! I'm not Chinese! 
There was a persistent man who while saying something in his language was pointing to the outline of his face then to my face. From my understanding he believes I am like them which I strongly disagree! I disagree so much because I believe I have the Filipino features plus I have tanned skin. Nonetheless, I just politely said no or shook my head.

I'd add as well that very few of them can speak decent English (even at the airport where I got lost and went to the wrong gate because a Chinese airport staff directed me to the wrong one!) so while I was there what worked best was do sign language or point to whatever I want done or delivered to my table, or nod to say yes and shake head to say no. I usually say
Please... (speak to me in) English only. 
I'm sorry I don't understand you. English only please.

In Thailand, there was this guy who just kept talking to me in Thai even if my tour guide has told him that I'm not Thai. It was annoying but there was no point in debating if neither of us understand each other.

I was greeted with "Konichiwa!" by a tour guide when I was in New York (USA) just a few years ago. I thought to myself,
Huh?! What in the world was that all about? 

I looked around and there behind me was a group of Japanese people queueing too.

Ah well, now I'm a Japanese too?! Maybe I should wear a shirt that say
Hey don't greet me in any Language other than English or Tagalog!

It is a muted fact that each one of us discriminates other people from other region, country or continent. We'd all say we are better than all of you and you'd say otherwise, won't you? But sometimes, looks can be deceiving.

When I was working abroad, I mistakenly identified a staff as someone from India. I was corrected by this person who seemed offended. Then I found out later that people from their neighboring countries don't want to be identified as the other.

My indifference towards Chinese people didn't originate from nowhere. There's a lot of Chinese people residing in the Philippines who I was unfortunate to have met or crossed path with. Most, if not all, are rude and arrogant and racists. I don't think they'll ever learn politeness from Filipino people. If you don't believe me, go visit China town. Hence, you can't expect me to feel warm and cozy when they are around. However, if you're Chinese and you are certainly not this type, well then good. I'd be glad to meet you and tell you as well that my college best friend is of Chinese descent. Odd huh!

You know, despite our differences, I believe in equality. Culture, race or skin-color, and language shouldn't keep us apart. What keeps us apart is beliefs, politics or religion, which I do hope that is not the case. The world would be a better place to live if we all just get along.

But hey,
good without bad is not good at all. 
I got that line from a film shown on HBO earlier, "Everything Must Go" (I think).

Oh by the way, Lucy (Liu) ... thanks for letting everyone know on 'Late Show with David Letterman' that you don't want to look like a Filipino. The world should know and don't get offended as well that feeling is absolutely mutual!

Maybe you didn't mean to be a racist, you just love that you're of Chinese descent. I do too, love that I'm Filipino which is why whenever I'm out of the country, I try my best to get more tanned so that others don't identify me as nothing else but a proud Filipino!

Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy!

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