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Monday, October 15, 2012

Runners for a Cause ~|~ Responsible Runners vs. Pea-Brained?

For the third time, I ran to help rehabilitate the Pasig River (Philippines). Fingers-crossed, all runners' effort, time and money in this great cause aren't wasted into nothing. Runners or not, we all want to see the result that the Pasig River is free from darn stinking garbage and finally brought back to life after being declared biologically dead 2 decades ago.

Wouldn't you want that great vision to come true for the new generations to enjoy?

with Hannah
(in grey sweat and cap)

This year, I managed to encourage my sister and a close friend of mine to join me in running for a cause. Hopefully more will join me in the next runs. Will you run with me?

Image by: Hannah
with Hannah's cousin
A few minutes before the gun start at 5am that day, it poured heavily so all runners were soaking wet. There was nowhere to run to so we just stayed where we were. Good thing though that my friend's cousin brought with her an umbrella so 4 of us squeezed  ourselves under in our attempt to stay dry.

Rain subsided a little just a couple of minutes before the gun start, so off we went half-soaked!

This is the first time ever that it rained on a run for Pasig River (I believe) and other runs that I joined. I joked to my co-runners that maybe it's better that I run by myself. It was fun though, at least, I was not alone running wet-look style!

Unfortunately, fun ended by the time we reached the water station. No more water to refill our bottles!  Behind the water station one-man crew were two empty blue containers. The same situation on the second water station. Also, no water bottles to buy anywhere near nor a mile away.

Worse, pea-brained participants, who were able to secure themselves a styrofoam-cup to quench their thirst from the water station, have thrown their used cups all over the place despite the fact that there was a bin bag!

No one gutsy to tell them off so I did shout at all of them.

Hey all of you who threw the cups all over the place! You are all stupid and irresponsible runners!

As usual, as stupid does, they just shrugged, showing off how dense they are.

Wouldn't you expect runners for a great cause to be responsible and care enough not to throw garbage and make a mess of environment?

If I cross path with you and I see that you threw garbage not in their proper bin, expect me to either remind you or tell you off! You can count on that.

After the run, there was a live show led by the organizer. You know, it's all good to see celebrities (try to) entertain the runners. However, I don't think I heard the organizer thanked the runners for participating in the event. Please correct me if I'm wrong here. But there wouldn't be river warriors if there were no runners, would there?

Live entertainment wasn't enough to make me and my sister stay, not to mention that we were very thirsty and was too hot to stand under the heat of the sun plus being pushed by pea-brained shrieking fans, so we left early.

with my sister

Better luck on the next run, I wish. Run with me!

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