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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tetra Pak RFR - Recycle. Feed. Run - 11/18

As organized by HyperSports Philippines, Inc. with Tetra Pak's worldwide Feed-a-Child program, Tetra Pak RFR - Recycle. Feed. Run - reaches out to all runners and their family and friends to participate. Stop by at any designated sites (see image above) to register and please bring two (2) empty and clean Tetra Pak packaging. You may bring extra five (5) empty and clean Tetra Pak packaging to get Php50.00 off the registration fee.

For every Tetra Pak packaging brought by runners, Tetra Pak will donate one (1) 200 or 250ml milk in Tetra Pak packaging to underprivileged children. So please bring more empty and clean Tetra Pak packaging as many as you can.

Registration Fees:
21K - Php800
10K - Php700
 5K - Php600
 3K - Php500

Registration Ends on November 16, 2012.

See you there!

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