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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vous pouvez être authentique Monsieur Sonnette, mais

Pardon my French Mr. Doorbell! This ain't exactly about you and I just want to let it all hang out here without being too mean because I know you mean well. Oh that sounds odd! But if you aren't dim-witted you'll get it. Then again, you are very good looking, so you probably can be as dim-witted as the others displaying themselves topless.

Keeping up yet? Don't worry, it won't be too bloody. No one wants pee-brained entertainer explode his pretty head, do we?

First, your event was so unorganized that the dunderheaded host, (I don't know and can't tell if male or female) can't decide what to say or do while waiting for your grand entrance.

Second and worst, was your collection of German Shepherds!

Whether you are genuinely kind or not, Mr. Doorbell, but the German Shepherds a.k.a. bodyguards around you turned your fun-yet-tacky event into insignificant and exasperating event!

If I may suggest, on your next event, Doorbell. Decide what to do and how to execute your event without the need for shrieking uncivilized fans to chase you that others get dragged and pushed. The German Shepherds need to be sent to Cesar Millan for further training so they know how to use their wee brains more than their muscles so they don't forcefully push people.

Let me ask you this Doorbell: who'd want to be forcefully pushed away from their own child?

A protective mother can push German Shepherds too like I did when they forcefully pushed me away from my son. Y'know, If not for those German Shepherds, we'd probably patronize you even if we don't really know you and even if I had to keep translating.

I'm done slicing you up on the web.

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