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Friday, November 23, 2012

How Soon Should You Start Using Anti-Ageing Solutions?

I received an e-mail from BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands) Marketing last week regarding their Exclusive One-time Welcome Gift. To claim this welcome gift, simply use the BPI atm card to purchase anywhere through EPS (express payment system) and it must worth at least P1,500. Then confirm the transaction by texting them your full name, mailing address, transaction date and transaction amount.

The welcome gift was Olay Anti-Ageing Solutions kit. Isn't that awesome?

Great timing that 3 days before this e-mail, I paid my grocery items at Robinson's Galleria using my BPI atm card. So as soon as I finished reading the e-mail, I texted them the required details. I received response right away saying that once transaction was validated, I will receive my Olay gift pack in 15 days.

To my amazement though, the gift pack arrived just 4 days later! Here's what's inside the gift pack:

* Olay Total Effects 7-in-one day cream with SPF 15
* Olay Age Defying Moisturizing Soap Bar

Thank you BPI for my Olay gift pack!

To be honest though, I haven't considered using anti-ageing solutions religiously yet. All I use everyday is sunblock cream/lotion on my face, neck, arms and legs. And hardly go out without it. I'm too lazy to do other skin care rituals, morning or evening. For me, the less the better and keeping skin clean is more beneficial than slapping on too much products. However, maybe it's time for me to start using anti-ageing solutions. After all, I'm not getting any younger.

I read a post from Daily Mail UK, a person could get old before their time and that's because of using anti-ageing products.

Experts say that women could be wasting money on products they don't actually need and more worryingly, they could be damaging their skin permanently.
Ref: Old Before Your Time

On the contrary, and as I have mentioned, I'm not getting any younger so I guess it's about
All opinions are 100% mine.

- Geca
time that I use anti-ageing products religiously. So I did try to look for the skin care regimen appropriate for me. Find your perfect skin care regimen here from Olay experts.

What age do (did) you consider to use anti-ageing solutions?

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