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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Abdominal CT Scan

A contrast material or a special 'dye' will be injected through my vein before the abdominal CT scan.

So as I was saying in my previous post, the intern was explaining to me the CT (Computed Tomography) scan process that I have to go through. He said that before the CT scan, a contrast material or 'dye' will be injected through my vein to help certain areas show up better on the x-rays, as requested by my Ob-Gyne. He mentioned as well that there will be discomfort but nothing to worry about. He interviewed me about my medical history, previous operations, family's medical history then I signed a waiver that I wasn't pregnant.

When I went in the CT Scan room, it was absolutely freezing! I wished they'd reminded that I wore something warm and I had to remove 'inner' clothing! But thank goodness, the Radiologic Technologist bundled me up in a warm blanket. Right before he injected the 'dye' through my vein, he warned me that I will feel pain as it passes through and asked me if I couldn't stand the pain, just raise my left arm.

So he did inject the 'dye'. As soon as he left me, I felt the surge of pain as it was passing through my vein then I felt warmth all over my body. I just held my breath most of the time as instructed through the process, closed my eyes and wished it's over soon.

When it was over and was told I can get up, I quickly hopped out of the examination table and straight out of the room, forgetting my 'inner' clothing and jewelry items haha. I got them back through the monitoring room after a nurse took my blood pressure.

They made me stay a few more minutes to watch out for some reactions from the 'dye'. Then EJ and I left and rushed to the nearest restaurant to get our dinner. It's convenient that just across the road from The Medical City, is the Rockwell Business Center and we chose Mongkok restaurant because EJ fancied Chinese food that night.

The next morning, I woke up covered with rashes or hives. I tried to call my Ob-Gyne but she was not on duty so I have to wait until I see her. I looked it up that it's just one of the allergic reactions that a patient might get. Unless, it gets worse I don't need to run to the emergency room.

Result was ready this morning but I don't have a clue yet because I haven't been to see my doctor again. Maybe tomorrow or Saturday morning. I'm confident though that the lump in my tummy is nothing to worry about.

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Nuffnang is Turning 5!

Happy 5th Birthday to

I wish Nuffnang more great years to come and be the world's number one blog advertising community.

Wow! Did anyone know that Nuffnang shares the same birthday with great artists Josh Groban and Peter Andre? I wish that soon Nuffnang will share the same magnitude of fame as Groban and Andre.

Nuffnang will celebrate their 5th birthday 
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Abdominal Pain

EJ took this photo of me while waiting for my turn
to have my CT scan procedure.
(Tuesday at Radiology Department of The Medical City)

Hello fellow bloggers and stalkers! Oh I've missed blogging. I have a lot of drafts waiting to be finished and published. But I'll share for now where I've been recently.

I had a myoma 3 years ago and thought it was gone after being treated but I felt a lump growing in my tummy again. Last Friday night, there was abdominal pain so I went to see my Ob-Gyne at The Medical City Ortigas the next morning. My Ob-Gyne scolded me for not seeing her for 3 years!

Well, I never wanted to be in hospitals because the antiseptic scent makes me feel sick and people who come and go and aren't very well, make me feel nauseated too, no offense. Worse, I faint at the sight of blood and needles.

After going through pap smear and pelvic exam, my doctor recommended me to have blood test done and abdomen CT scan.

Oh dear! This is what I mostly avoid, blood extraction! I warned the female staff that I might faint when she sticks the needle to my arm but she comforted me that it'll just be quick and all I need to do is... relax.

Yeah right! I didn't want to see the needle and blood so I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I felt the prick but I survived. Hurray!

So that's done. Then I went to make appointment for an abdomen CT scan. Tuesday afternoon was the best suited schedule for me so I booked myself.

Tuesday morning, I had heavy breakfast because I was told to fast for 5 hours before my scheduled CT scan. I went to pick EJ up from La Salle and arranged for the school bus to drop off his school bag at my house. I was glad my son was there for me, who kept me happy and entertained with his silly jokes. We even joked about who is skinnier between us after I found out that I weighed 47 kilograms only. Doctor said I wasn't under weight so it is okay. But my son and I noticed that my hands and arms are bonier than his. Yet I've always scolded him to eat some more because he is too skinny and people migt think I don't feed him enough. Well, my mother always scold me each time she visits that I don't eat enough.

Before the CT scan, a young intern talked to me and advised me of possible allergic reactions after IV dye contrast is injected through my vein. I never had allergic reaction to any medication before so I was confident that I should be fine.

I'm tired now so to be continued tomorrow... maybe.

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