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Saturday, April 14, 2012

PLDT myDSL & Nuffnang bring you The Avengers!

Watch the funniest tv commercial ever made:

PLDT myDSL’s ‘Anna Banana’

Anna Banana Original Song

Anna Banana Thank You Video

I think Derek is so cute and an awesome kid for composing a song for the girl he admires. This young man deserves a credit for being creative and for having the guts to let the world know his affection for this particular girl in his class. How adorable is that?! This is something that grown up men should learn from.

Here's the Lyrics of Anna Banana:

A-nna ba-nana you're my biggest crush
I don't mean overweight
Means my heart turns to mush.
A-nna ba-nana
You're in my dreams.
When I'm sleeping in class, your all I seen

A-nna ba-nana
Banana babe, I like you a lot.
A-nna ba-nana
Like a cute little plant in a big red pot


Anna Banana!
I love you a bunch.
I'll dance like your monkey if we go for lunch

Anna Banana!
Baby, I love you a lot!!
Not once, not twice, not thrice, it's more than four
You're a fried banana baby
Coz you are so hot!!


A-nna Banana!
Said the voices in my head
We go together like jam goes on bread

A-nna Banana!
I keep saying your name.
You are in my brain it's like I'm going insane.
Like the rain in Spain on a horse's mane.
Fly like a crane to escape the pain
and I ride the train, eat some grain
cootchie cootchie coo you got me smiling again!


Anna Banana!
I love you a bunch.
I'll dance like your monkey if we go for lunch

Anna Banana! Baby
I love you a lot
Note once, not twice, not thrice it's more than four

You're a fried banana, baby!
Coz you are so hot!!!!!!!!!!

Hey did you know that...

1. PLDT myDSL Plan 1299 is now upgraded to 1Mb from the previous 768Kb.
2. For subscribers of Plan 990, upgrade your subscription to Plan 1299 by simply adding P300 to your monthly bill.
3. For more information, go to

Well, now you know.

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Did America Get it Wrong for Not Voting for Jessica Sanchez as their Idol?

I wrote this one when Jessica Sanchez was outvoted yet dramatically saved by the AI judges a few weeks before the final show. I thought it is still timely to debate about this topic, don't you think so?

Inexplicably, the same question popped out from many AI fans each time a very good vocalist/performer was eliminated so soon like: Colton Dixon, a total performer; Skylar Laine, powerhouse country singer who is far better than last year's always-out-of-tune AI first runner up (can't remember her name); and Joshua Ledet, a soulful yet over the top singer.

Below is the original post (hehehe recycling huh!):

This was the question that I sent out to the experts.

Is America being smart nowadays in choosing their next American Idol?

A talent judge at fundraising events in America has replied to my query:

Dumb to think America's not smart!

I think America has a natural sense of who is talented, and they are willing to spend hard earned cash on their favorites to prove it, buying CD's and attending concerts. I think its silly to think America's not smart enough too pick winners, in
any field.

I'd dare say, last night's American Idol result contradicts that statement. Don't you think? And, this is not the first time that the best vocalists in AI are out voted. Why is that?

It takes incredible and outstanding talent to be able to sing Whitney's hit song, "I Will Always Love You" like Jessica did a few weeks back. If you don't consider this an amazing talent of hers, then you are absolutely clueless! Yes, I'd dare say that too!

Do voters go for the looks? The charm? Or the cuteness factor? If not for these, why the best vocalists are usually eliminated and not even reaching the finals?

Are you an American Idol fan? If you are, what do you consider in voting? Or do you vote at all?

As Randy Jackson's plea last night,

This girl (Jessica Sanchez) is one of the best singers in America ...ever!

He added,

Everybody, please vote for the best!

Obviously, he was referring to vote for Jessica Sanchez.

Others disagree to Randy's statement that Jessica is one of the best singers in America. But, "these others" don't have a clue either who is the best among this year's AI contenders. Now, if you disagree to Randy's blatant statement, who's got the best vocal and most professional among them?

When Ryan Seacrest announced which group was in the bottom three, the other group looked too astonished to move and claim their "safe" seats. It's obvious that they were expecting to be in the bottom three. Whether they admit it or not, they know that the other three (or two: Joshua and Jessica) are the best among them.

I think one of the reasons that Jessica was outvoted is that her fans, themselves, were slacking in supporting her. Not all AI fans are devoted in voting for their idol. They would clap and cheer but not bothering in spending some time to vote. 

Are you one of these AI fans who do not bother to vote?

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Secret: Change The Way You Think and Feel

The Law of Attraction is impersonal. It operates just like a photocopying machine. The law is photocopying what you are thinking and feeling in every moment, and then sending an exact photocopy back to you - which becomes your life. That makes your ability to change your entire world so very easy.

To change the outside world all you have to do is change the way you think and feel, and the law of attraction will photocopy the change.

So, what are you thinking right now? What do you feel at this moment?

Imagine the power that we have deep inside us. Our power to change for a better world is right deep within us. We don't need to rely on something or someone else. We can do it ourselves if we want to change the world we live in... for the better.

Wouldn't you want to claim the power of changing the world you live in by changing the way you think and feel?

What Is The Secret

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lunch in Tagaytay on Good Friday

April 6, Good Friday, seemed to be a good hot summer day for a road trip and most locals and tourists alike, Christians, are out of town commemorating the passion, suffering and death on the cross of Jesus Christ. So we thought it's a great time to go to Tagaytay for lunch.

Main road was empty except for a few cars until we reached South Luzon Expressway. Highway was starting to get congested and traffic flow remained slow all the way to Tagaytay. We reached the restaurant after two and a half hours of driving (not me, thank goodness).

We don't practice Holy Week tradition like religious Catholics but we respect the tradition of not eating meat during this week. So the meal we ordered for our lunch was mainly fish and vegetable.

Kinilaw na Isda = Raw fish marinated in vinegar and chilled for half an hour.

Fried Plapla

Puso ng Saging = 'Banana Heart' cooked in coconut milk

Tanigue = (I think)

Sinigang na Tanigue sa Miso

Buko Juice = Young Coconut juice

And because of all these foods, my healthy diet of oatmeal and/or cereals (twice a day) was ruined! The next day, I burned all or some calories by going around neighborhood on my bike.

Time to head back to Manila!

Stopped by at Rowena's for some sweet delicacies: buko pie, leche flan and espasol which I forgot to take pictures of.

We got thirsty so stopped at a mini store for soda. Most mini stores in Philippines sell soda poured in plastic bag with straw like the ones I got for the three of us.

EJ making faces, which he does every time I take his photos, while playing a game on his psp.

How did you spend your Holy Week? I hope you guys had a great one!

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