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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Black Evening Gown at 25% OFF!

I wore this evening gown just once at a black tie party in Bermuda. The party was themed James Bond 007 movie: "Casino Royale" as you can see me in the photograph above being at the casino. We were given free chips to play with at any casino games available at the party. However, I'm never interested to gamble or play anything so I gave away my chips to friends who enjoy casino. It was enough for me to just watch them having fun and cheering them on while drinking my red wine.

It's been dry cleaned twice but I have no use for this evening gown anymore. I'd rather sell it at 25% off or best offer than let it consumed by dust.

Strapless Black Evening Gown
Made in New York, USA
Size: 0-1
Accessories NOT included

Php7,500.oo (US$172.50) only OR best offer!
Originally bought at US$200.00

Payment: Cash or through Paypal
Meetup at Mega Mall (with my delivery boy) after receiving payment.

Plus Delivery charge if outside Metro Manila, Philippines.
Only genuine buyers will be entertained.

If interested to buy, contact me using vCita form located at the sidebar or leave a comment below.

You may view the advertisement also at

Evening Gown - Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

EJ's 9th Birthday Party at Splash Island

This year, we decided that we'll do something different for our son's 9th birthday party, which was last April so I searched online for any fun family event we can do for our handsome boy, EJ. I then came across MetroDeal which offered half a price for the entrance to a water park called Splash Island. I looked up online for this water park which is situated in Southwoods Ecocentrum Binan, Laguna (Philippines) and it seemed decent so I purchased 10 vouchers for the whole family.

My sister and her family stayed over at my house the day before we went to Splash Island so that we all go together. At 7am, we were all off to a short road trip towards South. Right outside the entrance, there were desks for voucher holders so I proceeded to show them my printed out vouchers and in return they gave me 10 tickets.

Be warned though, they do not allow anyone to come in with food and drinks. We didn't have any food and drinks with us except for my one-year old nephew who had a bottle of previously-boiled water. It took awhile for my sister to convince them that the water was for the baby and to let them in because everyone in the family were waiting inside. They were very strict about it, so it seemed. Eventually though, the staff suggested to hide the water bottle upon entering the premise.

While waiting, we took photos of ourselves:

When at last they were able to enter, EJ ran straight to the kiddie pool / slide with Seamus, his Dad while the girls got change in the ladies' room and the other boys in the men's room.

Of course, after changing into our swimsuits, time to strike a pose!

EJ and Seamus decided to queue for the giant slide so off we went for that one, me as their photographer.

I got bored and tired holding my dslr waiting for EJ and Seamus to slide down, so I asked my sister to uncap my bottle of ice tea. The drink hardly touched my throat when I saw my boys zooming down the slide! Thank goodness to my ever dependable dslr, I was able to shoot rapidly and got these photos:

Then a big splash!

We had a quick lunch, rested then decided we all go to the Agos Grandes, one of a kind pool with machine-generated waves. (Of course I didn't bring my camera so no photos of us having fun at the pool.)
Photo by:
When we got tired of the big waves, EJ, Seamus and the other boys queued for the Magellan's Drop. Seamus tried to convince me to go too but I said, "No, thank you".
Photo by:
The others went for the other attractions while EJ, Seamus and I went for the river raft ride. I almost regretted it because as always, Seamus shook the raft as wild as he could! Worse, EJ and I were upside down so I held my son's left hand and screamed my lungs out to Seamus! He did his best though to turn the raft the other way so that EJ and I aren't upside down.
Photo by:
Towards the end of the day, we were all tired but we had an excellent and memorable fun-filled family day. Most importantly, EJ was happy!

Time to go home by this time though.

What was your family fun day this summer?

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