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Friday, July 27, 2012

Wacoal SORCI Age Br@ | A Perfect Fit!

Move aside Calvin Klein because I found my new love! It's Wacoal Sorci Age (pronounced as saw-see-arch) br@, a perfect fit!

Recently, I received e-mail from Wacoal Philippines offering me Php3,000.00 worth of Wacoal merchandise in exchange of a review. Who would say no to that? Would you say no to brand new set of undergarments for free? Excitedly, I sent my response right away that I'm delighted to do the review for them. Then as soon as I could, I went to their Makati office.

Let me ask you ladies. Aren't we like in heaven whenever we are in the undergarment section of stores, whether we are going to shop or just browse? It was more than that when I arrived at Wacoal office. Dreamily, I looked around at all the undergarments on display while waiting for Michelle Diaz, Marketing Manager of Wacoal Philippines.

Thank God Michelle was kind enough to help me choose because it was just overwhelming walking around in a room full of piles and piles of undergarments organized in shelves.  Michelle suggested and showed me br@s that she thought I would like. I told her I prefer those that are not heavily padded, more on lacey type or t-shirt br@s.  She was so patient with me as I browse around and showed me where the types of br@s I want.

When at last I decided on three different types, she suggested I try them on at their fitting room.

Here's the first one that I really liked:

I got this gorgeous bandeau-style br@ in black. They don't have the br@ size I was looking for but in my amazement, the next size Michelle handed to me was a perfect fit when I tried it on! This probably mean that I need to update my undergarments.

The bandeau lace on top of the br@ is perfect cover for low-cut or sheer-type tops. You know, I just love this br@ because it is so comfortably soft and  my movements are unconstricted. And wearing this underneath low-cut or sheer top, makes me me feel confident and beautiful! Now I don't need to wear extra bandeau underneath my top and over my br@, which is usually thick. Isn't that awesome? Wearing layers of clothing here in the Philippines is just uncomfortable because of summer heat and humidity all year long.

Now on to my second choice:

My everyday fashion style is usually just denim shorts and sleeveless or halter neck tops to stay cool because I can't stand heat and humidity. So this t-back cotton br@ is absolutely a perfect fit for me. This br@ is satisfactorily comfortable like the first one and it makes me feel s#xy! I think anything I wear over this br@ will make me feel @lluring.

These Wacoal SORCI Age br@ choices are absolutely worth it to spend hard-earned money on. High-quality garment, comfort, elite styles and great color choices are the factors that exist in this undergarment brand and this should be the factors to consider when buying br@s.

Check out Wacoal Philippines for other fabulous selection of br@s to choose from. 

Moreover, these br@ types I chose are must-haves for us ladies. For every occasion, we should wear different types of br@s and in different colors as well. The other types are the everyday wear type of br@ which should be in nude or skin tone color and the special occasion/strapless br@.

Do you have a collection of different types br@s in your wardrobe? What else do you have that I haven't mentioned yet? I suggest to collect all the must-have high-quality br@s from Wacoal Philippines because they have it all.

You don't expect me to photograph myself wearing my selection of br@s, do you? I'm gutsy but no thanks. I would if they are swimsuits even if I'm flawed.

Well here are the actual photos of br@s I got:

Visit Wacoal Philippines to browse their fabulous br@s. 
Opinion stated herein are 100% mine.
- Geca

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

Your Home, Your Imagination.

I just found this Mandaue Foam online store of furniture and I find their items to be really cool stuff to have at home. Their online catalogue is categorized into: Decor, Indoor Living, Outdoor Living, Dining, Sleeping and Working.

When I get the chance, I would fill my house of Mandaue Foam furniture and other items to decorate and beautify my home. Come check Mandaue Foam's website and see for yourselves.

As I browsed Mandaue Foam's catalogue, I found a lot that can be really useful at home. But here are my top three great finds:

Gregory Bookcase

I love reading books! In fact, I have a few collection of books that I think I need a proper bookcase now. I've got (um ehehehe) Harry Potter series, Shopaholic series, some Nicholas Sparks' collection, House of Night series, photography book, Discovery of Titanic and a lot of other random books.

Family photos will also be great to display on this bookcase, don't you think so?

4-Door Shoe Rack

Isn't this one lovely to have at home? A shoe rack that will keep all shoes organized and well-hidden! I don't have a lot of shoes to brag, just a few that I keep for different occasions. I just want it so my shoes are not all over the place.  I'll have to inquire later if boots can fit inside this shoe rack. I hope so, what do you think?

Circular Tier Center Table

This is another piece that I really need because I don't have a decent coffee table for when I have guests coming to serve them with drinks. I always look around the furniture shop for a coffee table but I haven't found the one that I really like and that will look good in my living room. I hope they have this one in black because my leather couch is black.

Watch Mandaue Foam's newest TV commercial here: (42sec)

Mandaue Foam 

Your Home, Your Imagination

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Was Here: Ultra-Magnetic Persuasion Free Training (2)


Find ways to be with winners.

And, never seek advice from poor people.

Why should we listen to people who have less than what we have?

It's a little bit harsh, don't you think? On the other hand though, how would someone know better if the fact is that they are not even close to being successful in what they do. Also, we shouldn't let others drag us down and stop us from doing something that we think can take us to the path of success.

Mr. Calub mentioned a good instance:
Do not seek relationship advice from someone who is separated from his (or her) spouse. How would they know the right solution to your relationship problems if he (or she) is separated?

To be the best, train with the best.

Wouldn't you agree to that? I do.

You know, I'm a stubborn girl. I don't listen nor pay attention to anyone who I don't think is the "authority" or to anyone who seem like do not know what they are talking about.

By now though, I'm pretty much convinced that Mr. John Calub is the "authority" to listen to.  His amazing success story is fascinating yet inspirational. To get to know Mr. Calub, visit John Calub Training Incorporated.

I'll briefly share a few more of Mr. Calub's insights about Ultra-magnetic Persuasion:

5 Key Elements of Persuasion
1. Authority
2. Popularity
3. Good looks
4. Character
5. Lots of Money

Just think about this:

- Would you listen to someone who is not an authority?

- Don't you get persuaded easily if a popular celebrity endorses a product / service?

- Would you rather listen to someone who is not well-groomed than someone who possess good looks i.e. neatly combed his (her) hair, clean nails, ironed clothes, clean teeth.

- Isn't it better to listen to someone who has good pleasing personality?

- Don't we all consider people to be influential when they are filthy rich

Lastly, here are some pointers to remember to be an Ultra-Magnetic Person:
- Well-groomed.
- Uses respectful language.
- Uses sound body language.
- Always smile.

Visit Mr. John Calub's Facebook page HERE to know more.

Below are some of the photographs I took during the training:

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