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Thursday, December 6, 2012

How To Manage Unwanted / Dumb Posts On Your Facebook News Feed

Sometimes it's hilariously entertaining but mostly pathetic that social networking sites have become the mecca for dim-witted to show off how proud they are about their wee-brains, which they have no clue. These people must have desperate need for sympathy from online community, which they don't get from their own family.

Image courtesy of Taoty

You know, other people don't need to know if you are on your first day menstrual period or if you are having diarrhea. Goodness sake!

Some would even post photos of their dead toes or of some phrases that they don't have a clue what it meant. If you can't get out of the countryside, let your finger tips do the traveling through Google search, especially if you only know or can only fit one language in your wee brain. So you know what to post or how to respond instead of making fun of or ridiculing something that you are clueless about.

I know it's harsh. Sometimes you just got to be harsh to get through.

Now then, I don't claim to be the smartest of my bunch but it only takes common sense. And I never see the need to respond to hate messages, especially if it's coming from people who are either ridiculously jealous or just hateful about everything or everyone else who did better than them. Worst is hate messages coming from those who owe me and those who stole from me.

Sigh. I just let go of this negativity because I believe in karma.

If not for my blogging, I'd deactivate my social networking accounts, not just for awhile. Thank goodness, I figured it out how not to see on my Facebook News Feed the posts that I do not particularly want to see without the need of unfriending or blocking the poster (and that's if I can help it). Now I can freely browse and interact with people who share on News Feed the updates that bring happiness, positive thoughts, inspirational messages and blogger giveaways too!

Here's how to manage unwanted posts from your Facebook News Feed:

  • Hover over your Facebook friend's profile name or picture, don't click either.
  • Move the cursor over the Friends as shown below.
  • Uncheck the "Show in News Feed" by clicking it.

This is not a hate message towards haters. I'm just stating a matter of fact.

Hateful or jealous messages, stupid photos, whining about random craps doesn't deserve to get attention. I just don't have the time to those whiny posts and I don't get it either why people have to show or share their stupidity. Some beg for attention and expose themselves by showing off distasteful half-naked self-portraits. It's a pity, really. Worst, recently I noticed that online bullying is the new entertainment for others. Sigh. I think I have unfriended most of these types.

My little boy is precious to me so I don't want him to accidentally see / read these types of messages so he is never allowed to get on Facebook.

But oh well. Live and let live! They are happy doing such things so let them as long as they don't attack nor harass you deliberately. My easy solution is I just remove them from my News Feed.

So my dear spammers, pardon me.

All I want is positive harmony!
Don't you?
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